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Mini Ferris Wheel is new and popular with kids. The cabinets on the equipment are similar with suspended baskets. Passengers can enjoy the downward landscape. Fiber Glass Ferris Wheel has fantastic design and takes little space, which makes it possible to settled it indoor or outdoor on children amusement park, carnival and fun fairs.
1:Luxury decorations and thousands of colorful lights make the production more attractive and shining.
2:Steel structure has been polished by twice time, the painting of the production looks smooth and shining.
3:High quality thickness steel and fiber reinforce plastic (FRP)
4: Professional aerial safe belt, better quality and better protection.
5: The smart touch control cabin with frequency converter, which make the 4 frequency motors more powerful and safety, the CPU of the control system is made by DELTA.
6: The ATCLS(full-automatic cabin locking system) can make sure the cabins stable before the equipment operating, it’s very convenient and comfortable to get on for the passengers.
Capacity10 seats12 seats20 seats24 seats
Height5.5 m6.5 m7m7.2m
Production time15 days15 days15 days15 days
UsageThem park , Shopping mall, Playground & so on
Guarantee24 month
InstallationProvide install video or dispatch our engineer to your localFerris Wheel

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